Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will you be my Jim Halpert?

And i use Jim only because i just got finished watching the office.
Not that i really want an identical Jim Halpert, but i would enjoy a friend like him.

The reason i pose a question in my title, is this:

I have no problem standing on my own.
No problem, going to a wedding without a date,

A party with no dancing partner,

The movies with no one to cling to,

and I’ve even adjusted to going to the mall and shopping by myself too.

Now, this may sound slightly depressing or fairly stupid but hear me out.

I’m ok with doing these things alone.

I’m sure a few years ago I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t have a guy on my arm to do these things with, but I’ve learned to love myself without needing reassurance of who I am by the title of my Status on myspace.

I love who I am and everything that comes along with me. I’m not perfect, which has been the hardest thing to swallow, but I’m human and every mistake I make gets me closer to who I want to be, by learning from it.

Now a couple months ago I would not be able to tell you any of this but now I can confidently say:

I’m Ready to

Trust someone with my heart

Take a chance on love (godliest form)

Hold someone’s hand and not feel convicted

Dance with someone and not care whose looking

Go see a horror movie and cling to someone’s sweatshirt on the scary parts

Buy matching shoes just for the sake of “being cute”

Support someone’s dreams and visions and have them support mine in return

Be an open ear to comfort when comfort is needed

A hug when words won’t do

Bake someone’s favorite cookies just to make them feel special

Compliment someone’s strengths and weaknesses

Talk things out instead of walking out

I’m ready...


Mallory said...

Yeah, it's crazy how when you're okay with you and finally get to that place in God where you feel and realize that He is all you could ever need in life to be complete, things can change so drastically. :] I love you, Meghan. xxx

Danny said...

If only I lived in California...

Were going to san fran in the near future

Josh T said...

Any guy that wouldn't want to be the Halpert to your Beesly is crazy.

ShutUpChago said...

That's always good to hear.
Ferreal, I love hearing about how people have grown to become comfortable with themselves when it comes to relationships. I only wish everyone had that kind of peace. :P

MrPhoto87 said...

someone sure feels privileged on this side of the screen

nice writing megh

Danny said...
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John said...


EmDawg212 said...

Awww you go girl!
Im proud of you!
And you will find that
somebody. But you just
gotta stick with me for
now :D Haha! Love you, Meg!
See you tonight.

Dave said...

Well I've never really spoken to you, and I don't think we know each other well eno... OK!

Rosequirk2789 said...

Aw, I know exactly what you mean.
What a nice vlog!

Marcus said...

I was the same way up until I moved to Cali 3 years ago. I've been single since and its given me a huge opportunity to reflect on my previous dating choices as well as spend sometime discovering my own interests and passions. Overall.. its been a very successful 3 years of solitude.. and I've been solo'ing it to everything since.

But, much like you.. I'm ready to find someone to share my new experiences with.. but I'm also in now rush.. when she arrives i'll know.. or at least I hope. Heh.

Anonymous said...

How cool.

I'm in the same boat.

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Martinswyk said...

Aw, I know exactly what you mean. What a nice vlog!