Thursday, October 23, 2008

Say wha MTV?

So Earlier in the year i got a message from a person named Lauren who said she was with MTV and wanted me to do some type of video review, but i would have to send in some personal information in order for everything to work out. My first initial reaction was that this person was a dirty liar just trying to get my number, so i ignored the message and made nothing of it. Turns out, it really was MTV. The707Juveniles actually followed through with email and wound up on TV.
so i emailed this Lauren person and told her if anything new was going on to let me know and a couple weeks ago i recieved a message telling me about this webcam video show, similar to american idol, and tomorrow i'll be like a member of the audience or something. Honestly, i'm not certain. But i do know one thing i cannot sing! Now i'm terrified. Because, what if they chose me to sing? Imma crap my pants and die right there. GAHHH!
who know's if the show will get picked up but i'm along for the ride. This is quite exciting :D
Maybe.. just maybe... "I'll get discovered"