Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My trip

It was so nice seeing Whitney. Knowing that she's a real person and not just some "internet friend" who lives next to jlo.


I sometimes question the amount of time i invest into these friendship's via the www. considering the fact, for the most part, that's all they could ever be. I can't call Whitney up some random day and see if she wants to hang out or give Zack a hug whenever i feel like it. Shoot, i cant even ride my sweet razor scooter with Aubrey if i wanted too. I'm limited to the time i can actually spend with the people i truly care about.


So when i was able to see her it made me feel like i hadn't made her up in my mind and there was a nice sense of reassurance knowing that she really did exist. It was a nice feeling. My trip was overall nothing short of amazing. i was awake +30 hours and experienced an amazing amount of inside jokes with two awesome friends and my lil brother. Thank you Jesus for this trip!



Life of a wanna-be model said...


Whitney said...

:O is that..me!? whoaaaa LOL x]

Danny said...


♥True, I feel the same way. I need to meet people but most of them are on the other coast or far opposite coast of me so I can't. I can only talk to them online by youtube, myspace, a facebook comment or voice message on snapvine. ♥

♥ I wished I lived next to J lo or at least in California. I know a lot of youtubers that live there, I'm subbed to more than half of them on youtube and have visited their personal sites multiple times. ♥

♥ If I go on a trip I want to make a summary like this one. ♥

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