Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today, I felt the need to do something "active" aside from vigorous typing and mouse clicking. So, I went to the park and brought my soccer ball to kick around. I kind of just wanted to be alone.. Not that I always like to but this was a time where it called for it. Sounds depressing, but it was actually a lot of fun.

After ten minutes of a few soccer drills i threw in the towel for my "activeness" for the day and collapsed on the grass. I didn't really want to go home just yet so laid out on the grass and looked up at the clouds. I had some sweet worship music going on my Ipod so it made for a real serene moment. The crazy thing is, I totally lost track of time and stayed out on the field for 45 minutes. It was nice knowing that i didn't have to worry about the time i was losing because who i was spending it with.

Note to self:
Never get too busy
where you no longer have the time to
stop and smell the roses*
get lost in the clouds in the sky
fall asleep in a warm bed of grass
or take in the true beauty that God has made as a gift for you
His way of letting you know He's all around.
and never too far away.


Permanent Grip said...

something sorta similar to this happened to me today, though it wasnt in the realm of activity. when i got out my class at 2 i decided to sit on a bench and read some of a book and when i finally checked my phone to see the time (i was getting a bit hungry) i saw it was 5. i had spent 3 hours on a bench reading without realizing it. then after eating i let myself forget time again and read on until 8 and then came home... i spent a total of 7 hrs on campus today while only having one one hour class.

sorry for the lengthy comment.

Danny said...

Kicking balls is fun ha ha

Josh T said...

Cloud watching is awesome. You're right about Him never being far away. It seems like every time I've sat there and watched them for a while, God will send these awesome shapes that can't be coincidental. They seem to relate to things going on in my life.

John said...

Wow. We are so alike. Creepy...I like to go and get away all the time...

Btw. Your pictures never cease to make me laugh.

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