Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Youtube Quiz Thing

Stole this from AmazingPhil :D


Why did you pick it?:
i made it in 7th grade as my AIM sn and it stuck ever since. Also, Strawberry17 was taken.

Who did you first subscribe to?:

Who did you most recently subscribe to?:
It was actually my brother! haha "Dayviideo"

What does your last text message say?:
"Kill em! LOL" -Cory

Do you have any goals?:
More then i could count!

What was the last thing you bought?:
Cranberry juice and a danish.

Describe the person who posted this using one line?:
A amazing half man half lion individual! XD

Are you excited about anything?:
Oh, yes. I'm excited to be breathing! eap eap!

Do you have a crush?
Something like that.

Have you ever been drunk?:
I have many a times, in my past. 2 years sober! WOOP!

Who was the first Youtube you met in real life?:

Who was the last Youtuber you met in real life?:

Do you pefer day or night?:
I love the day but often times sleep through it :/

Are you a member of any collab channels?:

Do you have a secret account?:

Do you believe in God?:
With all my heart.

Which youtuber do you talk to the most?:
Tie between Nanalew and Zacharyxbinks

Which Youtuber do you think makes the best videos?:
MichaelAranda's are pretty great.

You may only subscrie to 5 channels and only watch their videos. who will they be?:

AHHH! this is hard :/

Are you in a relationship?:
No, I am not.

would you date a smoker?:

Where is your favourite place?:
Yosemite, CA. I would get married there if i could.

Are you a happy person?:
Oh yes! Very.

Would you kiss the person who posted this?:
The next man i kiss will be after the words "I do." Sorry Phil :P

What would you take to the desert island? :
A Harpoon (incase the whale try and kill me) A White Volley Ball to be my "Wilson", My Bible, Plenty of food and water, a friend or two maybe, maybe i'll just bring my house, yes?

Do you prefer sun or snow?:
I'm from California. Sun is a MUST!

Who did you last speak to on the phone?
Whitney (RockinBlueWit)

Who did you last text?:
My brother

What are you doing tommorow?:
Working then I have leadership :]

What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?:

What size are your feet?:
8 :]

What do you want?:
It would be nice to have a Valentine.

What do you need?:
More of God.

What do you remember?:

What do you wish?:
I want a pet dragon like in Eragon.


Your feet smell.

Honesty. Do you want people to anonymously post what they REALLY Think of you ?
My confidence does not fall into anonymous comments of others, but if you feel willed to post, i wouldnt stop you.