Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Youtube Quiz Thing

Stole this from AmazingPhil :D


Why did you pick it?:
i made it in 7th grade as my AIM sn and it stuck ever since. Also, Strawberry17 was taken.

Who did you first subscribe to?:

Who did you most recently subscribe to?:
It was actually my brother! haha "Dayviideo"

What does your last text message say?:
"Kill em! LOL" -Cory

Do you have any goals?:
More then i could count!

What was the last thing you bought?:
Cranberry juice and a danish.

Describe the person who posted this using one line?:
A amazing half man half lion individual! XD

Are you excited about anything?:
Oh, yes. I'm excited to be breathing! eap eap!

Do you have a crush?
Something like that.

Have you ever been drunk?:
I have many a times, in my past. 2 years sober! WOOP!

Who was the first Youtube you met in real life?:

Who was the last Youtuber you met in real life?:

Do you pefer day or night?:
I love the day but often times sleep through it :/

Are you a member of any collab channels?:

Do you have a secret account?:

Do you believe in God?:
With all my heart.

Which youtuber do you talk to the most?:
Tie between Nanalew and Zacharyxbinks

Which Youtuber do you think makes the best videos?:
MichaelAranda's are pretty great.

You may only subscrie to 5 channels and only watch their videos. who will they be?:

AHHH! this is hard :/

Are you in a relationship?:
No, I am not.

would you date a smoker?:

Where is your favourite place?:
Yosemite, CA. I would get married there if i could.

Are you a happy person?:
Oh yes! Very.

Would you kiss the person who posted this?:
The next man i kiss will be after the words "I do." Sorry Phil :P

What would you take to the desert island? :
A Harpoon (incase the whale try and kill me) A White Volley Ball to be my "Wilson", My Bible, Plenty of food and water, a friend or two maybe, maybe i'll just bring my house, yes?

Do you prefer sun or snow?:
I'm from California. Sun is a MUST!

Who did you last speak to on the phone?
Whitney (RockinBlueWit)

Who did you last text?:
My brother

What are you doing tommorow?:
Working then I have leadership :]

What is your favourite flavour of potato chips?:

What size are your feet?:
8 :]

What do you want?:
It would be nice to have a Valentine.

What do you need?:
More of God.

What do you remember?:

What do you wish?:
I want a pet dragon like in Eragon.


Your feet smell.

Honesty. Do you want people to anonymously post what they REALLY Think of you ?
My confidence does not fall into anonymous comments of others, but if you feel willed to post, i wouldnt stop you.


Marcus said...

I would be your valentine if you'd want me to. :)

MelonheadMarcus said...

I think i;ve become somewhat of a stalker on account of the message, video, and comments everywhere

and i am now congratulating you on your 2 years sober

Alcohol is one of the things i never wished existed

My family was torn apart by it and i watched my cousins suffer from it too

so after the person in my family who needed it got help
we were slowly mended back together
yet it still has not left

and i plan never to touch the stuff

and congrats again. I will forever be proud of that though you may consider it as one of your serious past flaws

and now the goofiness.

That kid down there has my name!
I must have left it lying around somewhere...

MelonheadMarcus said...

umm correction to me

the kid was up there ^

KRM said...

Hi Meghan :)
just wanted to say your such an amazing person! i watch all your youtube videos and i am a huge supporter of you! thanks for being a cool christian on youtube :]

Shawna said...

hi favorite.

ice cream for you. <3

Max :-) said...

Seriously?!? I just watched your amazing "What If" video and now you're spouting rubbish like Saphira is Eragon's pet?!?! Bah. What? Did you only watch the movie? Well read the books!!!!!! Anyways, absolutely wonderful "What If" video... but Saphira is NOT Eragon's pet... Obsessed? You bet i am, and proud of it! Cheers and Hugs - A Random Person

Trippy said...

Nice "Max" I love the Eragon books too... just finished Bricinger... Its awesome that your a christian Meghan.... but you spell your name.... ahhhh... unique? I can't believe your 21- you look like 15 or 16. your 50 facts video is the best =p

Jesse said...

Just saw your famous youtube vid.
Gooood stuff.
To top if off, you're a follower of The Way, wooo!!!
Check out my blogz:

rik said...

With you site and videos you are doing very well.

NickG said...

Christians Unite!
Ive seen some of your videos there pretty good.

karen said...

hey Meghan i love the fact that you put on the Q:what do you need more of && you put God we all do need more of him...

Adrian said...

Your videos are amazing , Keep up the good work , Goodluck :D

Best wishes , Adrian ( BIG FAN OF YOURS )

Anonymous said...

Yur motherfreakin beautiul.

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