Monday, January 26, 2009

Yo, Monday!

So i got a new hair cut...
I don't know if i like em... yet.
RIP weekend. I barely knew thee.
So, today i will be filming. I'm hoping to have my video finished and edited by tomorrow morning. It's a cute one so i wanna take time and make it PERFECT! muahaha! also i'll be on blogtv tomorrow! i'm thinking around 4ish.
That's not certain, but i'm thinking somewhere around there.Oh, i tried wishing everyone a happy monday but i had to write it out backwards on account of isight being a STUPID!

But anywho have a great week <3

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear Strawburry17,

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If you'd rather not receive future emails from us regarding new programs, please let us know and we can remove you from our mailing list.

All the best,
The YouTube Partner Support Team


Monday, January 5, 2009

21 days

"Here is my heart. Here is my heart. Here is my heart."
"You can have it all"

Sunday, January 4, 2009


These are my last Goodbyes for all of 2008.

Sadly, I'm a bit late [since its already '09]
but I've seemed to drag a few things from the past year with me to the present.
So, I'm saying goodbye to what was and holding onto the memories of what were, but furthermore, I'm choosing to grow, move on, and start fresh.

Goodbye, Inconsistency, in all areas of my life.
Goodbye, Depression, induced by my home life and isolated self pity.
Goodbye, Wasted tears over a dead friendship, I managed to hold onto for yet another year.
Goodbye, Anger, caused by who you haven't been in my life. I've already forgiven you.
Goodbye, Jealousy, I never really liked how you made me act anyways.
Goodbye, Phantom Pain in my heart. I knew why the pain existed but I also knew what had already been mended.
Goodbye, You, I will never understand what made things so different, but it was. A part of my heart wishes it wasn't, but a bigger piece of my heart knew more then that little piece could fathom. I don't imagine things ever being the same, and that's why I'm saying goodbye.
I know You differently now.

Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Friday, January 2, 2009


In the past,
I had struggled with the thought of missing someone i had only known from the confines of my computer screen, but now I am in a position where i struggle with the thought of missing someone who has been far more then just a face behind a screen.

He is Someone I have had the honor of being able to get lost with on the endless one way streets of San Francisco. Someone, who i got past the third level of a first person shooter game at the local putt putt, not to mention made fun of me the whole time for the way I held the silly plastic gun. Oh, this someone I could honestly say has changed who I am completely for all of 2008.

Again, This someone I'm missing will never be just a person, but will always be one of my dearest friends.


This is something i could never escape or deny,
but Strawburry17 will always be madly in love with Mr. Zacharyxbinks, but as far as Meghan and Zachary goes, well, I would only hope a strong friendship would remain in their permanent future for ever and ever <3