Friday, January 2, 2009


In the past,
I had struggled with the thought of missing someone i had only known from the confines of my computer screen, but now I am in a position where i struggle with the thought of missing someone who has been far more then just a face behind a screen.

He is Someone I have had the honor of being able to get lost with on the endless one way streets of San Francisco. Someone, who i got past the third level of a first person shooter game at the local putt putt, not to mention made fun of me the whole time for the way I held the silly plastic gun. Oh, this someone I could honestly say has changed who I am completely for all of 2008.

Again, This someone I'm missing will never be just a person, but will always be one of my dearest friends.


This is something i could never escape or deny,
but Strawburry17 will always be madly in love with Mr. Zacharyxbinks, but as far as Meghan and Zachary goes, well, I would only hope a strong friendship would remain in their permanent future for ever and ever <3


Fer said...

I think it's awesome when you get to meet people that you never thought you could, and you discover they really are as cool as they were behind the screen...I feel happy for you Meghan :)

Taylor said...

I feel bad you are upset he had to leave,
yet I am very happy you two finally got to meet each other out side of the computer screen.

Danny said...

I'm going to san francisco tommorow

[Doanasaur] said...

I'm really glad you got to find someone like that.
Really shows how many opportunities youtube opens up

Anonymous said...

Awww z+m= <3

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