Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photo Shoot?

Today (technically yesterday) i went to the park and got my picture(s) taken. It was quite a lovely spot with a wonderful scenery and great lighting. The only thing is...

I'm a bit of weirdo when it comes to getting my picture taken.
I kid you not. Every single one of my school photos I look like a doofus.
The only picture that turned out decent was probably my kindergarten picture, only because I was adorable, and my senior picture.

I swear! It's like I can't relax and just get my picture taken. My whole body has to spaz out including my face. I remember thinking to myself "Meghan, keep a serious face! Quick! Think of something sad!" Then i'd think of something semi funny that was sad and i'd have a retarded half smile half sad face on. Bosh, pure madness.

Out of 700 pictures taken, I kept 17.

Possibly this will just be something I need to practice at.
You know, like normal body posture and regular smiling.
Opposed to awkward arm positions and over excited smiles.

Here's a few sweet ones from the collection. Unedited of course:



and I know what you're thinking already. "A Youtube shirt? Seriously Meghan?" I have an explanation. I had way stressed my self out about this photo shoot and when I got home I only had enough time to grab one outfit, which was the obvious, then had to leave. Also, I couldn't think of another one to wear...

Still pumped about the awesome blessing.
The whole photo shoot was free.
I'm excited to see the edited pics.

On a lighter note. I had a really good day at work. I was entertained, for a good portion of it, by a friends crazy story of an orphaned mini mouse.
Baha, Good Times.


Danny said...

Awesome pics :D

I love to look at pictures :D

Nattie said...

where did you get the youtube shirt, i want one.

cyberkiwi34 said...

haha you maybe in a youtube shirt but you still are the most prettiest girl i've ever seen :D <3