Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This sounds so lame but nothing gets me more pumped then seeing that cute lil baby ribbon at the bottom of my page... even if it is only for a day.

ahh, youtube.

In other breaking news.
I started in on my second book The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magicians Nephew. It is so amazinggg. That is a given being that Mr. C.S. Lewis is the author. But I was unaware of the greatness in these lil childlike books. So now I'm trying to tackle both Mere Christianity and Narnia. It's a good balance considering every time i read Mere Christianity my brain hurts from the hardcoreness that comes out of each paragraph. That book is so detailed someone wrote another book trying to explain it, Intense huh? Dear Lord.. I'm only on chapter 3 at the moment. Slowly but surely working my way into the book haha.


SincerelyKimmi said...

Yay for honors!
That's so cooooool.
Narnia is amazing.
I LOVE C.S. Lewis, he's so phenomenal.

love joo!

Justin said...

I need to finish reading the narnia series. I read the first four novels in the summer and stopped reading at the voyage of the dawn treader. I think that's the 5th novel or at least I hope it is 4th in the chronological order of the novels.

Danny said...