Saturday, September 27, 2008


I asked God to make my prayers like his..

I wanted to have a bigger burden for the lost, unloved, suicidal, confused, forgotten, and abused..

I've noticed that sometimes, the very thing i'm praying for is similar to what I'm going through. It helps knowing that you can help someone else through something you've conquered yourself.

I keep in mind, If I'm really burdened.. i won't give into the victim mentality of wondering "why me?"
but embrace my trials and have joy in knowing my faith is being tested as I'm going through it.

It's just hard..
vague i know..

If you can..
Pray for me.

Song: Brandon Heath
-Give me your eyes


John said...

It's alway easier to be concerned about yourself...harder to be burdened for the lost...etc. I'm with you there.

Shawna said...

i just went to this amazing youth conference that really uplifted my spirit in every way and reminded me that God has brilliant plans for me and will use me if i demand it.

i'll pray for you.

Permanent Grip said...

you will be kept in my prayers my friend. looks like a few of us have a desire in our hearts to be more for God (shawna, me, you). i think this is coming at a very good time considering we're all becoming good friends.

God-Tubers unite? idk? well wherever we go with this, lets change the world in the process!

Dying Breed said...


Danny said...

I'll pray for you too

Even if it's late

Liefx said...

im praying too
(some random guy)