Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Had a dream i went to the store and purchased, C.S. Lewis: The Screwtape Letters.

I really want to go buy it.
There is a huge possibility I will.
I mean, I am a big fan of making dreams come true.

Also, I'm really pumped for certain videos and channels that are happening soon.
I seriously can't wait!
New ideas, friendships, dreams, planning, outreaching, ahhh it's all so awesome.
Praise God!

So i had made a video stating that i was going to be on Blog TV at 8:30pm but was unable to actually go on until 9:11pm.
Epic Fail.
I felt really bad for my subs.. i'll send them candy in the mail so they'll feel better.
But, when i actually got around to co-hosting, with my good friend Tyler, our show was put on the front of blogtv!
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I posed for the screen shot. haha
Idk if it happens regularly, but it was exciting!


Danny said...

Yes, We should send each other candy.

I have some I can send if you want any.

OsorioTheGreen said...

I was totallyyy in that chat. :)

Anonymous said...

Look up the audio drama of the Screwtape Letters done by Focus on the Family. It sounds amazing. Golum from LOTR does the main voice.