Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Things are looking better and I'm staying Encouraged.
This weekend i went to my older brothers church and the message was really what i needed to hear. I feel renewed and like I've taken in a new wind.

My last entry i was so broken. Thank you for those who prayed for me. It helped so much. God's word is so true when says he will never give you more then you could handle. So i feel encouraged and really wanna seek a deeper relationship with God and truly go after his heart like David did.

Back in the day the prophets didn't have a bible to go by like we have now. They went purely off of their relationship with God. (There's Power in Prayer)

Another Observation:
We not only have the Word, but we also have the Holy Spirit. How much more are we capable of doing then the prophets who called down fire from heaven who had less then us now?

There has to be more to believing in God then where Christianity is topped off at right now. We're the generation that is supposed to be doing signs in wonders in his name. Healing people who are sick and raising the dead.. I'm sick of stories.
I wanna see reality and Be apart of it.

Side Note:
I finished the 1st book of Narnia. Rocked my world. Unfortunately I'm still on the 3rd chapter of Mere Christianity... That book is so amazing. I don't wanna read through it.. i really want to understand it. even if it hurts my brain!


Permanent Grip said...

i love how God always sends the right message at the right time. He has done that for me recently and its just awesome to know that He is listening to you and knows what youre going through. im really glad things are more on the up and up for you. ill keep you in my prayers, still. God bless!

Danny said...

That's good.