Thursday, December 4, 2008


So aside from the last depressing entry things have been looking up. This week alone i've went from 2300 subscribers to nearly 3000 and my VlogCandy video was featured in Peoples and Vlogs at #2. Not to mention, VlogCandy got asked to be partnered the same day i got rejected. A bitter sweet [pun heh heh] moment, but none the less i was still incredibly excited for VC.

Hopefully in the next two months i'll be able to get partner. No more use of copyrighted material, thats for sure. i mean if i really feel an itch to do a sing-a-long video i'll post it to my response channel to be safe.

And Holy Cow!!! Thank you so much to everyone who suggested a book(s)/author(s) you have no idea how incredibly excited i am to venture over to the local used book store and stock up on some good reading!


Stuart Lock said...

That is a very happy and excited face you got there... :D

Jakob said...

VlogCandy rules :)

Hifriend said...

Shoooot Meghan, i think you will get partnered!
Fo sho.

Danny said...

I featured your videos on 2 of my pages.

Permanent Grip said...

awesomeness!!! congratulations on all of the great things going down! i remember subbing to you when you had only 55 subs, oh the days of old, lol. and i think i saw a little bit of the bitter sweetness in you vlogcandy video when you mentioned that you guys got asked to be a partner, tehe.

John said...

I was in your first 200 or 300. Yay for being successful.

Anonymous said...

VlogCandy is a really entertaining channel. So is your personal one of course. You are very excited all the time...

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