Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sock Vs. Bag

mm. i love tea.

[also, do you notice any thing different about the picture above?]
[first to figure it out, gets a 'shout out' pic in my next blog] 
[or a free internet high five, you choose]

Tomorrow I am going to the fabric store to pick up some supplies for my puppet challenge on VlogCandy. Which i'm really excited about, but I am a little bit torn.

You see, I have one of two options:

1. Sock Puppet
2. Brown Paper Bag Puppet

Help me decide?


feellinecancer said...

I am a sock puppet fan ^_^
That mug is adorable!

Denise said...

Megburry looks like she's had a haircut.

But that's just my guess.

And I think I'd do the sock puppet. You can be way more creative with those.

Taylor said...

Sock Puppet... FTW! =]
Oh, and looks like you got a haircut? Am I right? =P

wannabealoserr said...

you cut your bangs??


CourtneyJaynePhillips said...

I think you got your bangs cut? (:

But see, everyone thinks/knows that. That, or your streaks are gone. If you had them in the first place.. (:

RoboFillet said...

Everybody is guessing haircut, so I will guess you are in a different room. FTW?

Sock puppets are the bomb.

Brooklyn. said...

a sock puppet for sures. (I almost said socket pup. O_O)

Also, you have had your bangs cut, of course. About an inch looks like. I'm pretty munch a bang pro, perhaps. So far one of the only God-given talents I have (that I know of.) hahaha

seanownstheworld said...

ima go wif paper bag since were makin em for announcements prob n e wayz =]

Ikklemee8 said...

Its the hair I think...=]

& soccccccccccck they are so cuuuteee

HurricaneAubrey said...

sock puppett!!!
and your hair looks like it's behind your ears.... or that half up half down style.. or you cut your bangs... i'm a goober so i'm just guessing anything. I MUST GET THAT SHOUT OUT, DARN IT!

Elijah said...

Did you paint the wall a different color? idk it just look different for some reason maybe different lighting.

oh and sock puppets FTW!

lovelyhp said...

im thinking a paper bag puppet would be creative. you always see sock puppets, so if it was me i would be different and try and go for something out there and do a paper bag puppet. but thats just my opinion :]

Josh T said...

Maybe you could find something else to make you puppet out of. Maybe you could put a paper plate on a stick and somehow cut a piece out of the bottom to move up and down like a mouth. Maybe you could find a fruit or vegetable and cut it almost in half so that it could open and close like a mouth. Just trying to think outside the box here. If not, I'd probably pick sock over bag.

Danny said...

I don't notice anything diffrent

Danny said...

I like the cup

Danny said...

Sock puppet

Permanent Grip said...

sock puppet... paper bag... no, sock puppet... wait.. yeah, sock puppet. i look forward to seeing your video!

Anonymous said...

Im going with the walls being a different color, but I'm pretty oblivious to changes, so I just picked the biggest one.

Also, sock puppets all the way.

rawwr said...

hm.. is it your hair?

can't wait until your vlog candy video! :D

and i think u should do a sock puppet they are cutter : ]

Anonymous said...

shorter bangs!
and paper bag puppets are way cuter.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sparklegreen said...

Paper bag for the win=recyclable

lilshelle21 said...

If I'd have read this before, I would have voted sock puppet. You did do a sock puppet. And it turned out marvelous!!! Seriously! Good job!

Katy said...

I know! There ISN'T a picture above?
Well, according to your comments, there is, but its not showing for me.

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