Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well Folks,

Your vote counted. I went with....


We have the same smile.

To be honest, i was going to sell this lil bugger... but over the past couple of days, 
I've become quite attached to it.

Eh, but who knows.

Thank you so much for everyone's vote/input on what type of 
puppet i should make! It really helped. 
A Sock puppet was a good choice!!!

oh, oh, oh, before i forget! the difference in the last picture was...
i had gotten my bangs cut.
So it's kind of a tie between Denise and Wannabealoser
soooo here is your picture :D



Emily said...

your puppet was amazing! :O
you shouldnt sell it right away, you could use it for more videos :P

Stuart said...

Mmm... Sock... ... puppet...

Josh T said...

Nice work. It turned out great.

Danny said...


Danny said...


Anonymous said...

i love the video that you made with the puppet...short but very fun to watch.=)

Permanent Grip said...

wow, you guys DO have the same smile! are you two twins?

Anonymous said...

woah you're soexpressive!, and yuor funy! xD

ah i losed the "competition" xD

nice day night all, whatever

nadiah342 said...

reading ur blogs is like watching ur vids = so much fun!! XD nice puppet!!

Swtxwishes said...

I have you say that you are really pretty!


Cute sock puppet by the way..

John said...

Too much awesome for one blog post...gotta spread it out girl! Haha *smiles*

Jonathan said...

your puppet was so cute ^^ yea like Emily said use it in more vids. keep up the good work!

Ryan said...

I could stare at your face all day. That is an exceedingly creepy comment, but I'm only 15 so it's not so bad.

I was considering posting "I'm an atheist but I'd become religious for you", but that would probably be offensive.

So yeah, hi!

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