Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I KNOW WHAT YOURE THINKING! "Holy crap shoot Meghan this is a long script!" I promise it'll only take you 10 minutes tops to film and the editing only took me 5 including rendering!

any who!

This is my first ever collab video with the Burries! I'm way excited to be able to create somin awesome with you guys! The song were going to be using is I Wouldn't Mind By He Is We. If you dont have the song yet get it for free here:

Render your video to one of the five file types:
Video Files: .mov, .avi, .mts, .mp4, and mpg.

No .wmv's or .flv's. Sorry :/ This is a big project and i'd spend the majority of my time converting if everyone sent me wmv's/flv's.

Output needs to be 720x480 or higher [720x1280, 1080x1440, or 1080x1920]. This is a standard export size. Just make sure before you render the video it'll be this size.

If you don't know how to do this you can google "16:9 render settings [insert your editing software]" and some good sources will show you how!

Send clips Via this website:


OK! Now that thats out of the way lets get to the fun part!

I'll be lip dubbing to the song and creatively incorporating your videos in them as well.

my shot set up:
Have a solid background or wall behind you for filming or a really pretty place outside around grass and trees. I usually just hang up a sheet or small blanket! When filming the camera should be 3 feet away from you [so youre awesome face will be up close and awesome looking for the video] and position yourself in the center of the frame like this:

my shot set up:
any type of lighting source you have would be good if youre filming indoors. A desk lamp, flood light, lamp, whatever you got. Try and make sure your face is evenly lit so theres no hard shadows. Like this:

Heres the downloadable script for when youre filming!:

Theres 10 different scenes! Theyre super easy and i have examples to give you a general idea :) I uploaded the videos individually for example purposes but please send me all of them together in one rendered file! :)

Color code:
lip singing

1. 7 seconds of you staring at the camera. you can smile or just be natural. stay in one place though without hand movements. (this will feel like forever)

2. Merrily we fall -6 seconds of you swaying back and forth then falling out of the shot.


3. We're not going anywhere until we freeze
-6 seconds of you pretending youre humming or singing as if notes were coming out of your mouth then dramatically freezing for two seconds before lip singing the next two lines immediately after. you can stare at the camera when you freeze or pose how ever you'd like.

4. I'm not afraid anymore
-lip sing these two lines
I'm not afraid.

5. But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side.-look to your left for 4 seconds and smile as if there was someone next to you. look to your right for 4 seconds and smile as if there was someone next to you.

6. You came and you took this heart
-7 seconds of an up hand heart.

7. Every word you write and sing is so warm to me.-10 seconds of you holding up a hand drawn sun in marker (so it shows up!)

8. Tell me everyday 
I get to wake up to that smile.
-10 seconds of you smiling into the camera

9. I wouldn't mind it at all.
-lip sing these next two lines while taking glances to your left.
I wouldn't mind it at all.

10. 10 seconds- hold up your screen name on your hand, shirt, or a piece of paper (be as creative as you want and be as "goofy" as you'd life for this clip. it'll be at the end of the video giving you credit for helping make it. :)

WOOO!!! THATS IT! I know it seems like a lot but hopefully the pictures and video clip examples help!

SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2010

I know the deadline seems soon but these are pretty easy shots to film! Don't worry about your shots being perfect or what other people will think about them. This is gonna be such a neat video and my first collab with you! So film film film! and send your clips in asap! :)



Chris D. said...

I am starting right NAOOO!!!!!!!

michel said...

Staring first thing in the morning to get an amazing light from the sun through my window!! :D

moucomics said...


Wellbeing said...

We'll come up with something for you ;)

Anonymous said...

I can not film in hd or near it
and i can not film in widescreen neither :(

GrlYouDontKnow said...

Im starting nao!!!!!!! yay! this is an excellent song!

Anonymous said...

Hello Strawburry! Nice idea, but you should give it atleast two days as deadline i think. Thenn you would recieve more vids.

GrlYouDontKnow said...

My camera is being stupid, so I can't film :(

I tried, but the clips don't show up right when I transfer them to my computer :(

DanTerzian said...

These are the cutest instructions ever.

Anonymous said...

im extremely we just send clips with no music? or add the music? ahhh

Anonymous said...

awh i love this song!
too bad i look like crap today :)

veronicacortez17 said...

I'm not really sure if it sent... but I did send it :) I really hope you got it =)

inian said...

wait... where we saposed to use the clips u showed us??? cuz thats what i did... and i hope it works <3

Bri said...

Well, it might not be good, because I'll be doing all the filming (My mum's camera exploded so she cant film, and its only me, her, and my dog) but Ill do my best...


Marlena said...

I can't film in quite the HD you are looking for! D:
I'm going to send it anyway... Please use it? They're cuute! :D

winthrop.power said...

probably a lot of people won't be able to do it because you won't except wmv's

eliz said...

just sent it! hope you get it and can uncompress it :D

PaceOfficial said...

yayyyy! I sent my clips!
Can't wait!

Chelsea said...

I totally faced and looked right and left instead of just looking. Fail on my part. I hope I'll still be included!!! I'm excited! :)

Casi said...

I shall begin tonight.

River J.Q. said...

I REALLY hope you do another one of these over the summer since it was such short notice I (and prob. others) weren't able to. D:

carmen said...

crap $:
i rendered it in avi and somehow it rendered as 3 gigabytes.
no i wont make it in time ,1 more minute left ?

rosesofsunshine3 said...

My video is uploading onto mega-upload right now but it's taking a while... I just sent you a message on youtube about it but I wasn't sure if you'd get it... I hope it can still be part of the collab! I've never participated in a collaboration video before but this song is really positive and so is your channel so I decided to try it out.. it took quite a while to make (lol, hours not minutes!) but it was fun to do=)Thnx & God Bless!

rosesofsunshine3 said...

p.s. it went through=D plz let me know if you didn't get it... I'm trying to upload & send you another version totally muted and with no text dividers between clips in case that makes it easier to edit... the first one is clearer with them if you're splitting up the segments... wasn't sure which way was best!

Jessie said...

did she say when this was going to be posted? i can't wait! :D

joven said...

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Roger said...

I just saw this today...oh well. Im still going to make one!


Danny said...

Comment L.O.V.E!

Anonymous said...

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