Wednesday, November 19, 2008

There was something in my eye!

I didn't cry i promise.
Oh, silly emotions.

Today, one of the girls i used to mentor threw a bit of sass my way and of course i crumbled in to tears. It sucks seeing people take different paths in life, that used to be so close to you.

and slowly having to watch them turn into a different person, hurts.

But tonight,

As i was crying, i asked God why he'd place people in my life that I'd learn to love so much, if they were only going to be taken away and turn into someone else.

and he told me, because you're the only one who will cry over them. I gave you a burden so you'd never stop believing in who they can be. Your tears are meant for prayers not self pity.

Then i got mad.
Cried some more.
Then understood.

Burdens help me remember its not about me.
Thank you God.


Permanent Grip said...

i love this. totally amazing. it touches my heart.


you'll be in my prayers.

TeaLovesYou said...


And you (and God) are right. They need someone to believe in them and who knows who they used to be. You'll be the one they can go to if they want to change their path again.

I think, if I understood it correctly.

Josh T said...

I know exactly how this feels. I hope everything works out for the best.

seanownstheworld said...

well put meghs

Danny said...

That sucks. I hate that

Danny said...

Your prayers will be answered soon

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've just been introduced to the vlog candy channel by a mate at work who's a youtube maestro, love it, watched all the vids so far and some random ones of each of you guys. Yours I can relate to the most. I appreciate your honesty and openness, it's so refreshing. In regards to this blog, it's been a while since you posted it, but I just read it and can totally relate at this time. I work and live in a house for girls who are out of home for various reasons and had nowhere to go, they come to our house to help them gain independant living skills for life, usually they're between 15-18. It's fabulous work and I love being able to show them Christ' love. Recently one of the girls was found to be continually breaking the rules and being deceitful and was asked to leave. It was heartbreaking. To watch someone go from addict to clean, coming to church, developing a relationship with God that was real, to throwing everything away to follow a boy who's an ice addict, psychotic and abusive. I wonder everyday where she's sleeping and whether she has food, if she's been beaten again or if she's even still alive.
Thats why God gives us those ones to love, that maybe even for a time, they might get to experience a bit of Christ.
God's collecting our tears hun.
Just wanted to let you know that your love, care and attention for this person wasn't in vain.
Bless you!

Anonymous said...

yeah i find crying can lead to realism and understanding. i like your blog and your writing.

i think you'll like mine

Athena said...

Kinda late to commenting this hmm...2010-2008. whaddeva, I just wanted to say this post really got me. My bestfriend in 6th grade who at times I felt was my only friend started changing. Right now I'm in 9th grade and she's changed so much I feel like at times I don't know why I'm still her friend. Maybe I should explain. She's the one who taught me to be more outgoing and not so shy. She taught me so many things about life as I taught her in return. Then she started making new friends. its not that I was jealous of these friends. They honestly weren't a good influenece. Slowly she changed. Now We're in 9th grade. Since shes started hanging with these new people she's gotten into drugs,drinking, failing school on purpose,and she is no longer a virgin. I've even cried over her. She had so much going for her and for her to just quit everything and throw her life away scares me. I want better for her but she no longer listens to me. We hang out time from time. but every time is like a wave pushing me away from her back to shore. The thing is I dont want to stop being her friend, I'll always be there for her no matter how much she changes. Whenever she needs help, I'll pull her back up.

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