Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Has it really been 9 days since i've written in this thing

I have an explanation!


Ok, not really. Book reading and laziness has been getting the best of me.

Also, everyone and their mother is getting married!
My mentor just told me last night she's engaged.
Last month, my good friend got married.
I was browsing Myspace and all my old friends are married and have kids!
What the Moses!!!

Did i miss something?
Jesus help me.

On a lighter note... this is my favorite sweatshirt.


OsorioTheGreen said...

i wish i had a yellow sweatshirt.

Mallory said...

it's everywhere.
everyone is getting married.
what is this world coming to?

Jakob said...

That is an awesome sweatshirt!

lilshelle21 said...

Crazy! So true about everone getting married. A couple weeks ago one of my oldest (as in I've known her since we were 6), closest friends told me she's engaged.
This whole marriage thing is becoming something like an epidemic. lol...but seriously.

Danny said...


When's the book going on E bay? is there a link to it yet?

MonikaMarieee said...

We're too young to have peers getting married, didn't we just graduate high school!? Yikes.
But I love LOVE that book!!! And I want a boy like Quentin, call me crazy!

Life of a wanna-be model said...

It happens, O and BTW cute sweatshirt!

zacharyxbinks said...

We need to create a vaccine and cure these proposal-happy people.

McLovin said...

u really have tight ideas. so cool

EmDawg212 said...

Ashley is engaged!??!!?!?!?
Oh my goodness!!!
Wow. Everyone is getting married
aren't they? Well Meghan you are a
good girl. Not getting married yet.
Haha. Honestly, I dont know why I said that :D

John said...

Gosh Dang you're made of awesome!

Sure, put the blame on Margo. See where that gets you.

Paige The Shiz said...

I like your Teeth.


Anonymous said...

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Colonal Jesip said...

I love it :) You have a great personality.